Best Paying Entry Level Medical Careers

There are two things that make a medical career worthwhile. One is the ability to help your fellow man by curing the sick and ensuring that the healthy stay healthy. The other is the ability to provide for yourself and your loved ones. A medical career is both fulfilling and lucrative but the time and effort needed to become a doctor is not for everyone. Luckily, doctor isn’t the only medical career that pays well; the following are a few other entry-level medical careers that you can consider.
Registered Nurse

A registered nurse provides direct care to medical patients under the supervision of a physician. Aside from doctor’s offices and hospitals, a registered nurse can find employment in schools, hospitals, prisons and assisted living facilities. Nurses administer daily medications and attending to patient needs as well as assisting physicians and monitoring any changes in condition. Nurses are also typically involved in providing advice on health maintenance and disease prevention.

According, a registered nurse could earn about $42,343 – $81-768 a year.

medical-workersDental Hygienist

A dental hygienist works with a certified dentist to help prevent dental related diseases or problems. A dental hygienist examines the patient’s teeth and gums and teaches them how to practice good oral hygiene. They may also be tasked to give patients routine cleanings, and are in charge of testing for cavities and other abnormalities. They may also assist the dentist as they perform more complicated procedures. Dental hygienists may also be in charge of general documentation procedures and office management.

According to, a dental hygienist can earn $43,647-$86,859

Health Care Research Analyst

The field of medicine requires the collection of a lot of data and health care research analysts are in charge of compiling and analysing this data. They work with healthcare agencies and hospitals to compile and analyze data that can them be used to understand the current trends in the health care system and come up with reports and allow the medical professionals to make better decisions.

According to, health care analysts can earn between $40,847 and $78,108 a year.

Physical Therapy Assistant

A physical therapy assistant works alongside physical therapists to help patients recover from injuries. The physical therapy assistant helps create a treatment plan and manage the patient’s pain. They help the patient go through therapeutic exercises and help improve mobility and physical strength.

According to, a physical therapy assistant can earn between $30,724 -$65,136 a year.

Medical Secretary

A medical secretary keeps the day-to-day operations of a medical clinic or office running smoothly. A medical secretary can schedule appointments, bill patients, liaise with insurance companies, update medical records, organize office records, book keeping and accounting, answer phones and basically act as a personal secretary to a physician.
According to, a medical secretary can earn around $21,149-$40,331 annually.

Medical Transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist transcribes reviews and inputs dictation that has been recorded by medical professionals. The data transcribed forms the basis for a variety of medical reports such as patient histories, patient consultations and discharge summaries. Some transcriptionists also take part in the actual production of medical reports, records, statistics and administrative materials.

According to, a medical transcriptionist can earn $19,999-$42,492 annually.

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Ways a CNA Helps Patients

The certified nursing assistants or the CNA’s are the ones who provide help to the patients who have healthcare needs. They are being supervised by a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse. They are otherwise referred to as Nursing Assistant, Patient Care Assistant, or State Tested Nurse Aid. They are able to work in various settings including the hospitals, nursing homes, personal homes, adult day care centers, and assisted living facilities. In most cases, the nursing assistants serve as the LPN’s or RN’s ears and eyes. They as well are the ones who relay the information between several patients and one or two registered nurses.

nurse-aide-employeeThe certified nursing assistant provide basic life needs at high quality for the patients of various ages, diverse ethnicity, and different gender in outpatient clinics as well as in residential nursing care facilities. They have day-to-day contact with the patients wherein they are able to get vital information from the patients which then they will be relaying to their supervisors. The workload of the certified nursing assistants can be intense and fast-paced however having the compassion and the desire to help the patients will aid them in getting through the difficult days.

Below are among the vital job objectives that can be expected to be performed by the certified nursing assistants:

• Assist with the ADL’s of the patients – They help with the patient’s activities of daily living which include feeding, bathing, and changing clothes. Patients who may require this kind of assistance are the victims of stroke, the elderly who are residing in nursing homes, persons who is recovering from accident or injuries, and people who is in the recovery phase following a surgical procedure in the hospital.

• Take the vital signs of the patients – They take and record the vital signs of the patients like the temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, and respiratory rate. This is a routine procedure that is usually done initially as the patient visits the office of the physician or the hospital.

• Make the beds, serve the meals, and clean the rooms – Aside from assisting the patients with the basic needs, the certified nursing assistants have the duties of making the beds, serving the meals to the patients, and keeping the rooms clean. Included in the duties are changing the soiled linens and cleaning out the bedpans.

• Set up medical equipment and provide assistance with medical procedures – Part of the duties of the certified nursing assistants is to store and set up medical equipment like laying out the tools needed for the next patient examination. It may also include moving the heavy medical equipment to another room. There are some states that permit the CNA’s who have undergone the proper training to assist with or do some medical procedures like drawing of blood.

• Observe for changes in the condition or behavior of the patients – The certified nursing assistants observe for obvious changes with regards to the physical condition of the patients. They too observe for the emotional state being of the patients. This may play a significant role towards the condition of the patients and the observations will then be needed to be relayed to the supervisors.

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Medical Assistant Classes

Medical assistant classes are sometimes offered by schools in order to furnish a better standing among those who are seeking employment as medical assistants. They are not a requirement per se in order to work as a medical assistant, but with a proof showing that you have undergone a special training for it will definitely increase your chances of landing a job than if you don’t have it. These trainings are an invaluable tool for those who want to have an edge over other competitors for the job as well as an important factor in giving the best performance at work.

medical-assistantSome medical assistants get hired by doctors and other medical professionals if they had undergone some training right in the facility or hospital itself. This way, they know how a particular person really performs at the job. But if you are an outsider who is seeking an employment as a medical assistant, it is to your advantage if you can show that you have finished a medical assistant program. This way, your future employer knows that you have learned the necessary skills and knowledge in order to handle your work effectively and would not require that much supervision in order to do your job just as if you have trained in their facility or even more.

A medical assistant training program usually has subjects which covers two aspects of a medical assistant’s work: the clerical type and the clinical type. Both of these jobs are handled by a medical assistant in a doctor’s office or other medical setting and needs to be grasped well if you are to succeed in your career. As such, topics that are included in the training are: communication skills, computer applications such as word processing and Excel, office practices, medical terminology, Law and ethics, accounting, record keeping, billing, insurance, diagnostic procedures, human anatomy, pharmacology, physiology, first aid, and other simple medical procedures such as removal of sutures and dressings.

There are a lot of schools which offer online medical assistant programs such as Herald College, Harrison College, Kaplan University, Herzing University, and Keiser University Online. The length of their programs varies as well as the cost of the training but they are all accredited by the proper accrediting parties and you can surely get the best training that you can get from home. Some of the programs last for only 9 months whereas there are also schools which offer an associate’s degree which lasts for about 2 years including externship.

In terms of the costs of the training, it is comparably cheaper than if you take the more traditional training. It can range from $800 up to a thousand depending on the services and materials which are included in the training as well as the type of education that you can get. Some of the best schools can offer you the course at a very high price but it also entails the best hands-on training as well as a generous amount of contact with instructors as well as library sources.

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Becoming Certified and Working as a Nursing Assistant

One can work in a nursing facility as a nursing assistant by acquiring nursing assistant certifications. These certifications are a requirement to anyone who is thinking of entering the medical field as a nursing assistant. It is a state and federal requirement to anyone who would like to work legally in any state in the US. The certification serves as the standard with which one’s competencies and skills are measured as well as a way of ensuring the full capabilities of a person in delivering the appropriate healthcare that is needed.

nurse-examAs a rule, no one can be allowed to work as nursing assistant without a certification although there are a few exceptions where one who is currently enrolled in a nursing assistant program can be allowed to work for a few months or so. The certification can require different factors such as possessing a high school diploma, finishing the required number of training hours which vary from state to state, and being in a particular age which is allowed by the state.

Certification is done by undergoing a state examination which will test your knowledge and skills that are related with nursing assistant work. Usually, the test is conducted by the training facility which conducted the program or it could be outsourced to an online testing company which will keep and provide the needed examination. The exam is composed of two parts – a written or oral exam and a skills demonstration test which shall be conducted by authorized personnel by the licensing branch of the government usually the state’s Department of Health.

The written or oral exam is commonly composed of 90 test items or more depending on the policy of the state and education boards. The applicant should be able to pass this part of the exam as well as the skills test. The skills portion usually takes 5 randomly selected skills to be demonstrated on testing officials and to successfully pass all 5 skills. Sometimes the testing authority would require applicants to bring another person to act as the patient during the demonstration. They may also be requested to bring the necessary materials such as a toothbrush, a bedpan, and other materials which are commonly used in taking care of patients.

If the written exam is done online, one can obtain the test results immediately after taking the test. He can therefore easily know if he passes or fails and would need to retake the examination. In other cases, the test results could be given after 10 to 30 days after the exam. The skills portion results can also be taken right after the test and may include some recommendations as to which skill to improve. If one passes the exam, he or she will be certified and would be included in the state’s nurse aide registry. Most states usually employ an online registry and do not issue any paper certification. Hence, in order for one to know if a person is certified or not, one would need to check the state’s registry.

Once you have been certiifed you can work long term in a hospital, or care center taking care of patients under the observation of nurses and other medical staff. The job will generally have you performing common tasks such as housekeeping, assisting with routine dressing and feeding, and cleaning after residents, as well as transporting them and assisting with their day to day needs. The job can be quite challenging and at times may be high stress do to the job duties and working with patients who have a variety of medical needs. However, there are also many rewards with this job including the satisfaction of helping others and job security.

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Methods to Get Nurse Aide Certification

There are several methods to get nurse aide certification in your area. Depending on the laws of the state where you are in, you can either go through a training program or just proceed to taking the exams if you have the required credits or its equivalent for a nursing aide program. If you can show proof of these requirements, it would not be hard to apply for a permit to take the CNA certification test. All that in-hospitalyou would need then is to pay for the appropriate fees and pass the physical and criminal background check.

In order to get a nurse aide certification, you would have to pass the state certification exam for nursing assistants or nursing aides first. Before you can apply for the test however, the state will require you to present the necessary credentials which will show that you are fully knowledgeable about the job and that you have the physical ability to perform it. This means that you have to show some credentials with regards to a medical training which has the equivalent credit units which are required in nursing aide courses. This can be done in various ways including finishing at least 1 or 2 semesters in a nursing course.

Different states have varying rules when it comes to accepting application for a CNA licensure exam. Some can accept those who have finished a nursing course from another country or have undergone some medical training either as EMTs or in the military. There are also others who will accept only those who have undergone CNA training within their state since different states have different training hour requirements also. So given the options above your chances of becoming a CNA can be achieved through various methods.

If you have finished at least 1 or 2 semesters of your first year in nursing, you will be allowed to take the exams provided that you can show proof of your education such as a transcript and a recommendation letter from your professor or your dean. If you finished your course outside of the US, you will need to provide other documents such as your transcript in English, diploma, and proof of your legal status as resident in the US. To those who have undergone medical training as emergency technicians and in the military, supporting documents will also be required.

The requirements for taking the CNA exam will depend on the state laws that are currently being used in your state. There are some states which do not approve of some of the methods to get nurse aide certification which means that you will still have to enroll yourself in a training program in your area. After this, you will then undergo a physical and criminal background check to see if you have any disqualifying convictions or if you have a contagious disease. If you pass these tests, you will certainly be on your way to getting your nursing aide certification by passing the licensure exams.

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Nurse Assistant Testing

You have finished your CNA training and now you are facing nurse aide testing. This can be really nerve wracking especially if you have not fully prepared for the exams. So the only way to ready yourself for this is to review and to learn well the skills that you have been taught in school. By now, you may have known that there are several steps involved in this test. It is important to prepare yourself testing-signphysically and mentally for this exam as this is what can make or break your chances of becoming a nursing assistant.

Before you can proceed to nurse aide testing, you will need to pass your final exams in the training program first. This is a requirement before you can apply for the CNA test as the application process usually demands proof of finishing the program successfully before you can be allowed to take the exam. So, you must first pass the final exams and graduate from the program and then get the necessary credentials that will be submitted together with the nurse assistant test application form. You may also be required to present other documents if you have finished the training from another country or if you are not a citizen of the United States.

After this, visit your state’s Department of Health website in order to know where to get an application form and to learn about the other requirements that will be needed. Payment is also usually included when submitting the application form. You may have to undergo some medical and criminal background checks before you can proceed with the application process. If you are cleared from any record which may prevent you from applying for the test, then you can apply for the certification exam.

If your application is successful, you will receive a notification which will tell you when and where to take your exam. You may be required to bring another individual who will act as your patient as well as other things which will be required for the test. Make sure to be present at the date and time designated in order to avoid any penalty or fine. Your application fees may also not be refunded if you do not notify them beforehand that you would not be available at the test date. You may also find it hard to reschedule a test especially if there are a lot of applicants.

Nurse aide testing can be done successfully if you prepare yourself well beforehand. You should also know the exact requirements for the test so you can go to your designated test center and proceed immediately to your exam. Aside from this, you must also review all of the CNA skills and knowledge that you have learned in school in order to be ready for the written exam. Practice on the other is good for the hands-on exam which will be the second part of the exam. You must also be well-rested before you take the exam aid your mental preparation for the test. You can learn more about testing from the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program website located at –

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Pay Scale of a Nursing Assistant

The pay scale of a nursing assistant is affected by different factors. Pay rates usually differ according to one’s state or location, years of experience, and the type of healthcare facility that they are working in. Their income may also be affected by the tips that they receive from their patients as well as to additional benefits that they receive from their employers. The rates that will be indicated here are those of October 2013 and may be different from a CNAs actual wage depending on the factors that were indicated above.

er-hospitalGenerally, the pay scale of a nursing assistant would have an average amount of $30,000 per annum. This is based on the comparison with other health practitioners and workers such as physician assistants, pediatrics nursing, and surgical services assistant. Overtimes can add to this amount which ranges from an additional $1.33 – $21.22 per hour rate. This rate however can vary depending on the location of where they are working – those who work in the cities usually have a higher pay rate than those who work in rural areas. Other tips and bonus can increase the annual income of a CNA which will depend on how generous their clients are and their performance as well.

Since nursing assistants usually work in healthcare facilities, their pay scale can also be affected by a profit sharing basis. This can be done by some facilities where the costs of maintaining the facility are affected by how efficiently the nursing assistants use them. The facility may also distribute wages depending on the number of patients who are actually living in it. They can either decide to cut back or increase the wage of a nursing assistant in order to balance the overall income of the facility.

According to a recent study, the pay scale of a nursing assistant will also be affected by their length of experience. Those who have recently graduated or have only worked for less than a year can have a tentative income of $17,000 – $44,000; an experience of 1-4 years can give you an annual salary of $14,000 – $38,000; 5-9 years of experience, $15,000- $36,000; 10-19 years, $15,000 – $38,000; and 20 years or more of CNA experience can give you $19,000 – $40, 500. As you can see, the more experience that you have, the greater will be your income potential when working as a certified nurse aide.

The current demand for CNAs can indicate that the pay scale of a nursing assistant can continue to rise in the years to come. Hourly rates can vary from state to state from $8.59 to $14.43 and this in turn can depend whether you are working in the city or not. Remember that these are only the average hourly rates and your income can increase depending on tips and bonuses that you can get from your employer. You can also opt to add skills to your certification which will give you the opportunity to earn more in your line of work.

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Nurse Assistant Training

Nurse assistant training entails passing the state’s requirements which includes a physical exam, criminal background check, and completing the required training hours for the CNA training program. If one is able to comply with all the requisites for the training, then he can gain admission to a state-approved training program which will then lead to ones certification. There are training programs available medical-emergency-roomin all states nationwide and one can get financial reimbursements for the classes if they come within the prescribed period by the state.

One of the first things that are required in entering a CNA training program is for one to be physically fit. In some states it is mandatory to undergo a physical exam which would include the ability to lift and move heavy things which is needed when you are working as a nursing assistant. Aside from this, you should also prove negative on communicable diseases as it is your duty to preserve the patient’s health. Hence, you will have to undergo tests and immunizations for TB, Hepatitis B, and others. Some schools do not require this before you enter the program but you will eventually be tested before you take the state competency exams which will determine if you can gain a certification or not.

The next requirement is for you to pass the state and federal criminal background check. The federal laws require that applicants for a nursing assistant certification should not have any convictions of crimes involving violence, drugs, and theft in their background check. Hence, it is one of the required attributes of those who would like to undergo CNA training.

The last requirement for the training is of course to successfully finish the training program. This includes being able to attend all the classes which is required in order to finish the required training hours in the course. Different states require different numbers of training hours therefore; you should know what your state requires before entering a training program. The least federal law allows is 75 hours which should include both classroom sessions as well as practical training in a licensed facility. There are also required course subjects that should be taken up during the training and which the student should be able to demonstrate effectively during the state competency examinations.

Most training programs would require their students to be in a uniform or scrubs during the clinical part of the training and to have proper shoes. They also need some medical instruments which are needed for the practical training. In some schools, these are paid for together with the tuition fees whereas in other schools this may not be included. There are also requirements which would have to deal with one’s behavior and attitude during the training and the number of absences which are allowed. Of course this all varies according to the rules of the school. But all in all, what the training requires is for you to successfully finish it and to pass the final exams which are given at the end of each course. For more information about becoming a certified nurse aide you can visit the CNA resource at

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Medical Careers

As the need for more and more healthcare services grow each year, so does the demand for quality medical professionals to fill these positions. A lot of people are now seeing the potential for career growth as well as opportunities for employment increase with each passing year. They now see the good promise of financial stability as well as good career opportunities in the future for such a field. The doctor-procedureopportunity to have a wide range of possible directions in the healthcare field is also one of its main attractive factors that cause people to choose it over other careers.

There are different types of work that one can engage in when choosing medical careers. You can choose from being a physician or a nurse, a laboratory technician, take an administrative position, or serve as an office staff in a medical facility. There are also those who work in allied health such as technologists and medical assistants; administrative and office support such as those who work at the front desk; alternative medicine and homeopathic care; counseling and psychology; dietetics; health information and communication; and even veterinary medicine. There are also administrative positions which will work with people who prefer managing an office or a group of people.

As you can see, the possibility of working in a desired environment, salary range, and educational requirement of your own choice is not that hard when choosing a medical career. Financial situations which would require a lot of adjustment on your part is not a difficult are to deal with if you are thinking of entering a medical career. There are positions which require a minimal amount of education, even if you don’t have a high school diploma, and do not require an expensive education.

The kind of environment that you would like to work on is also as various as there are different types of careers in the world. Those who are more into the technical aspect of medicine can be employed as lab technicians or physician assistants. Those who prefer to deal with direct patient care can choose to be nursing assistants or nurses and physicians. If paper work is your field of expertise you can apply as a medical assistant doing front desk jobs. You can also work as a medical transcriptionist if taking and recording notes is what you want. You can also choose to be a veterinarian if you prefer working with animals.

One does not need to see a medical career as a limited one which only those who are concerned about health can take. There are a variety of jobs that can be taken as long as you are willing and are able to do the job. Educational considerations, financial problems, and preferred working environments should not hinder one from considering a medical career. You can take any job that you want which is related to medicine and still bring your interests in it. There should not think that there is a limit to what a medical career can or cannot offer in terms of employment. For additional resources regarding becoming a nurse you can visit the American Association of Colleges of Nurses at

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